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Qi Gong Therapy


Recuperation for the body, strength for the mind, harmony with spirit.


Anyone who trains in martial arts or other strenous physical activity knows that the body will tell you when it needs help. Sometimes, resting is not enough. For this reason, many sports active people will seek out physiotherapy, sports massage therapy, remedial therapy and so on. 


About Qi Gong:


Developed in China, this healing therapy has been in use for thousands of years. Light to medium pressure is applied to various points in the body in order to aid healing of tissue, muscle and body, whilst at the same time calming the pain receptors in the brain.

I have had it on good authority that not everyone can do qi gong. Indeed, there are only a few kung fu masters who can execute the therapy successfully.

My understanding of it is that it can both heal and harm, which is why when I am asked by a student if I can or will teach them qi gong, I often decline, as it is only for a particular kind of student I would work with. It is not something that can be taught in a lesson. However, if a student is guided by me, it is an extreme honour - perhaps better than reaching the top grade in his or her training.


Unlike physiotherapy, which is often very expensive due to the number of sessions required over a short period of time, Qi Gong at this school is recommended 'as needed' by the student.

Also, one does not have to be a student of the school to book at session of Qi Gong therapy, and the results are expected to be felt days or even weeks after the session has been completed.

Currently, there are three options available:-

20 minutes

A twenty minute session is best suited for those who have a particular injury or strain, and want the therapy focussed on that area only. For example, if you had a trapped nerve or back strain, you would benefit from selecting this option.

1 Hour

A sixty minute session allows for many areas of the body to be worked on. Given it is the middle option, one can expect it to be more intense and yet also more relaxing than the first option.

1.5 Hours

It will be of no surprise to you that this is the option I recommend. The reason is that I can go over most areas twice, but also perform a longer and far more beneficial execution of qi gong therapy. I have found that this is the optimum session for students.  I do not offer it on a regular basis simply because I am focussed on teaching or other projects, and multiple qi gong sessions per week would not permit me sufficient recovery time to do anything else. If you have any questions about Qi Gong please use the contact form


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