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Article #10 2020 Book News

Publication date: 28th November 2020


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The 10th of November 2011 was the date chosen by my original publisher to release my first book, The Essence of Martial Arts on the world. Seven years later, I self-published the follow-up, The Mastery of Martial Arts: End Fights in Seconds

Every time I think I do not want to write more about martial arts, electing instead to teach it either directly via one-to-one lessons or reaching a potential audience of millions through podcasts and videos, I get inspired once more, and I start hitting those keys again, which makes for a change when compared to the wooden dummy.

I thought I could released an expanded edition of 'Mastery' but as I began discussions with my editor about the project, we agreed to create a Second Edition but with all new content. So the plan was to release the book in multiple formats on 10th November this year, but 2020 continues to throw us curve balls.

My editor came down with flu - not the Covid variety thankfully, but it did impact the release of a paperback and hardback edition. I am also considering an audio edition. For now, the Kindle version is available but the paperback edition will be slightly different (and have more content too, so it is well worth getting this even if you have or want to get the Kindle version).

However, it is unlikely the third book I have been working on, namely 'Authentic Wing Chun' is going to be released this side of Christmas. So new release dates are to be confirmed, but I am looking at possibly end of January-March 2022 (at the latest). Editor, it's over to you.


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