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Article #7 Jeet Kune Do: Basics

Publication date: 22nd March 2019


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So many Jeet Kune Do (JKD) students focus on that one perfect move, or one perfect set of combinations.


But didn't you notice that, for all Bruce Lee's speed, he was poised, positiononed and ready to explode from a stationary position. 

Why do JKD practitioners fail to observe this, and why aren't teachers (some of whom claim a lineage) get the 'stance with no stance' correct, each and every time?

Focus on the basics. The correct stance will lead to the correct move, or sequences of moves, before you eventually (and very quickly) break your opponent down. 

Check your foot position. If it is okay, check your guard and arm position. Ask yourself are you in the optimum position, distance and mental state of mind to now launch your attack - be it one that dictates the fight from the start, or counters effectively with a telling blow of your own?

Something to think about:-


Bruce Lee often practised the same move every day, not ten times, not even a hundred. The kind of side kick you see him successfully deliver time and time again in his films is the result of him doing this single move, over and over. But he got his stance, guard and distance correct before ever thinking about doing the kick. In fact, that was the last thing on his mind. So if it is the first thing on your mind, change it today, change it now, and practise with Bruce Lee's mindset. If not, your JKD will never get to where Bruce wished it to be.

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