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Lessons are available Monday, Wednesday-Friday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. There are also a limited number of Saturday slots taught 8am-11:30am during the month. 

We expect a large percentage of our new students to be complete beginners in their chosen martial art(s).


We will answer any questions you may have about the classes, training programs, syllabus, gradings, licensing and so on, and advise you of days and times for suitable beginner classes.


Whilst group classes are good, with the (1-2-1) School of Martial Arts, you have complete personal attention with a qualified instructor. Using this approach to your training, you will quickly reap the benefits of training one-to-one.




When you come for your first 1-2-1 session, in order to prepare you for what lies ahead we will talk with you about the programs we offer, and ask you questions to determine your specific needs. We will do some simple health tests such as your blood pressure, weight tests and your current diet, as we want to tailor the program to your current physical ability and use this information to build on this at a rate that works for you.


We will review your progess with us during, but also after 12 weeks (12 hours) of training how we can then take you to the next level, if desired.


Class Format


1-2-1 tuition is structured differently to group sessions you see or may have experienced with other martial arts schools, because it is the personal tuition you will receive that ensures you have an hour's training of real benefit to you. After a sufficient warm up to enhance flexibility and muscle movement, we will talk you through what will happen in the lesson. The lessons are quite intense, but we will never push you beyond what we think you can cope with at that time, because each lesson is tailored to take you forward, never back.

The lesson will close with a cool down, and brief discussion on the next lesson's content.


Between Classes


In order to get the most out of these 1-2-1 sessions, ensure that you train when you can in between classes. We are not expecting you to train every day (unless you have the time) but you will need to think hard about what you have learned and how you can train on it so that between lessons, it becomes almost second nature to you. You can also call / email the instructor who will give you guidance or note it for your upcoming lesson. As ever, the program is built around you.




Our prices vary, based on the art you want to learn, to the level of personal guidance you require. Where possible we will try and work within your budget, building around you a program of 'tuition for life'. Contact us for more details.

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