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Article #4 Trailer - Ip Man 4 

Publication date: 20th March 2019


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Since 2008, Donnie Yen has been portraying the eminent kung fu master of Wing Chun - Ip Man. Prior to the film's release, Ip was perhaps more famous in the West as Bruce Lee's teacher, but the films helped a lot of people understand the kind of man Ip probably was, no doubt helped by Yen's fantastic portrayal.


The 2008 release spawned two sequels, Ip Man 2 (2010) and Ip Man 3 (2015). Whilst most reviewers agree the first film is the best, a lot of fans liked parts two and three also. Some might say that Ip Man 3 ended the series in a good space, allowing for various spin offs to come. 


So Ip Man 4 will either be a worthy addition to the franchise, or a bloated mess like segments of part three. Taken on their own merit, each film is watchable and entertaining, even if they take liberties with the real Ip Man story.


UK film fans will soon be able to make their own judgement.


Ip Man 4 - International Trailer


Something to think about:-


In your opinion, how practical are the moves demonstrated in this series of movies? If you practise Wing Chun, how close is it to your own teaching?  Did the Ip Man movies inspire you to find a real Wing Chun master, and do you act with focus, intelligence and humility, just like Yen does in the role?

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