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Article #5 The Three Minute Wing Chun Work-Out

Publication date: 20th March 2019


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In a hurry this morning? First thing to do in the morning is slow it down. You've been asleep for several hours. There is no need to spring out of the bed. Get up slowly. Carefully. Most home accidents happen when someone falls down the stairs. Don't be one of those people.

There will be mornings where you have to get up early, for example, a morning flight to catch. But for most days, just ease into the morning, so that you can ease into your day.

Don't check your phone (it should be off anyway).

You can put the kettle on while you are starting your day off in the best way possible. Here's six exercises that will take your training to the next level. Ready, Wing Chunners?

Exercise One - Horse Stance

Duration: 30 Seconds

Exercise Two - Gentle Leg Raises to the Waist Height

Duration: 30 Seconds

Exercise Three - Punch Drill 2 (3 Punches) + Front Kick

Duration: 1 Minute

Exercise Four - Downward Side Kick, Double Arm Defence

Duration: 20 Seconds

Exercise Five - Mid-height Side Kick, Double Arm Defence

Duration: 20 Seconds

Exercise Six - Single Arm Bon Sao (l-r), Jumping Front Kick

Duration: 20 Seconds

And you're ready for your day. If you are concerned about being supple enough, you should be building stretching into your routine on a daily basis. Then you will be primed to do these exercises in the morning, setting up your day in the best possible way.

Something to think about:-


How effective is your morning routine? Or are you an 'evening' person and prefer to train then? When you miss a training session, do you ensure you make it up? Avoid going through the motions even when you are familiar with the moves listed above. What moves would you change if you applied six minutes to this routine (a roundhouse kick in place of a side kick, for example) ? 

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