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Welcome to the School of Martial Arts!

Commit to a new you - learn Martial Arts!


When you decide to commit to martial arts training, it becomes more than just a fighting art where you punch, kick and block. It changes you as a person.


You find you are growing in confidence, or if too confident and cocky, that it teaches you to be humble and respectful with others around you.


For most prospective students, it is about getting confidence through fitness. At our School, each student is constantly evaluated on their fitness, flexibility, stamina, endurance, fighting ability, technique, and many more attributes. You'll need them, if you want to stand out from the crowd.



The Fighter Within


All of us have a fighting spirit. It's what gets us up in the morning, to fight, take on, and beat the new day. It doesn't mean that you're an aggressive person. The people I teach want to be assertive, or more assertive in their lives.


We learn through a process of correct and progressive stretching, demanding drills and stance work, and a thorough conditioning program, that anyone can throw a punch, whilst fewer people can take one.


We condition the student properly, so that he or she can defend themselves properly, in the sparring area verus the instructor, in tournaments, and in the real world.



Skill, Style, Humility


Think about some of the people who were considered tough at school. Look at the way some people behave in public. They'll walk in a way so as to intimidate you. They might be aggressive behind the wheel, or when they are behind you in a queue.


We have laws that we must abide by, so 'blowing them away', viewed as cool in martial arts films and now, on You Tube videos, is a false dawn.


We have to find a way to improve our skills, adapt a style that suits us, and when we find ourselves improviing far beyond what we thought possible, we must retain some humility with that. You can be confident as a person without the need for a stupid swagger, loud voice, aggressive manner.


This is not to say we advocate a soft approach at this School. If you can walk away from a fight or dispute, do it - every single time.


If you find yourself involved in a fight, you must come through this, you must win, but do it in such a way that causes the minimum damage to your opponent. Why? Because even if the country you live in has laws, you must act in a higher moral standard, higher than these laws, which sometimes appear to protect the violator, rather than the victim.


Most important is to set yourself apart from anyone else. Adopt a high moral code and stick to it. In this way, you will find you demonstrate the true spirit and essence of martial arts free from arrogance, aggression and hate. Use your training to be a positive and inspiring person to all and everyone around you.




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