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The Mastery of Martial Arts: Second Edition

This Second Edition of The Mastery of Martial Arts (2018)

is an enhanced volume that updates many of the concepts and real-life issues raised in the First Edition.

Students and non-students alike will enjoy exploring on a deeper level the elements that have been previously been introduced. Key to any student's growth and understanding of martial arts includes how one can continue to stay on the hero's journey, the practise of mindfulness; the cultivation, maintenance and growth as a martial artist and as a human whilst remaining calm, focussed and yet acting with humility at all times, as well as becoming a truly great fighter - all in accordance with the truest expression of the martial arts spirit.

PAPERBACK and other editions available November 2020.

Kindle version out now

The Mastery of Martial Arts: End Fights in Seconds

(First Edition, 2018)


A successful punch is the evolution of years of hard, focussed and precise training. Anyone will have heard of a puncher’s chance, but when it comes to your life, only a fool would leave it to chance.

In this book, philosophy meets the explosiveness of martial arts head on, debunks the myths and nonsense that smothers the various fighting systems, and gets real on what works and what absolutely doesn’t.

In this detailed guide, you will learn not just the fundamentals of each style, but the advanced sections of the syllabus also. It is a book no serious practitioner of martial arts should be without.

The author has practiced martial arts for over thirty years, graduating from student to competitor, through to champion and instructor. Since 1995 he has trained countless numbers of students, many of whom became champions and instructors in their own right. 

He remains dedicated to the true essence of martial arts.


The Essence of Martial Arts: Special Edition (2013)


Written from the unique perspective of an experienced martial arts instructor, the book is a concise collection of theories that the author knows to work in practise.


Throughout, the book is easy to read, and balances a humorous style when telling real life stories which enhances the serious points the author wants to convey.

Therefore, the book is summarised into the basic, intermediate and advanced levels that all readers can pick up the elements quickly and put them to use. There are specific chapters on Kung Fu (Wing Chun), Tai Chi, Karate and Jeet Kune Do. This is a very personal book in which the author details how and why he got into martial arts, through to chapters on real practical life-saving methods, street fighting, self-defence for women, and how to succeed in tournaments. Anyone interested in martial arts will not fail to benefit from this book.

Why you should buy this book:-

Many chapters have insights that some teachers won't tell you. Often they will tell you what works for them, but not explain in detail what will work for you. So what is produced from some Schools, are people who have some individual strengths, but many weaknesses that the training, for whatever reason, does not correct.

This book helps you focus on what is important. It does not go on and on about difficult techniques that you cannot do without proper guidance. This book explains basic and more advanced approaches, simply and methodically.

It is a book any beginner can improve from, and many advanced martial artists can benefit from.

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