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Sang Dong Bin & Other Articles


Article #1 Sang Dong Bin 

Publication date: 19th March 2019


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In this section, you'll find articles, thoughts and views from me about martial arts, philosophy, and life in general. I will be expanding on this in podcasts in due course.

Bruce Lee had Jeet Kune Do. I have Sang Dong Bin.


Sang Dong Bin is a conceptual style of martial art. I named it, in part, in homage to the Taoist Lu Dong Bin, who was one of the Eight Immortals. When it comes to fighting, wouldn't it be great to know that you will come through it victoriously, every single time? That's the very  essence of Sang Dong Bin.

You see, a fighter who is confident within his ability - not his style - is a fighter who will invariably win. Wing Chun versus Wing Chun? The better Wing Chun fighter will win. Wing Chun versus Karate? Who wins that one? If you say, for example, Karate would win, why is this? Is it because Karate is better than Wing Chun? Not necessarily. It was just that in that particular moment, for that particular fight, the Karate fighter prevailed.

Sang Dong Bin is my way of saying 'a complete fighter relies on his ability, not his style.' That is not to say that style is not important. It is of paramount importance. 

People who don't understand Jeet Kune Do would dismiss it as an ineffectual style that only one man - Bruce Lee - could implement. Or they say it's just Wing Chun with boxing and some ground work.

In Enter the Dragon, when asked what his fighting style is, he answers "My style? You can call it the art of fighting, without fighting."

To expand on that, if one must fight, the fighter must engage with absolute belief that he can win.

Something to think about:-

Does your style, which is initially external - give you that belief? Or do you give it to yourself? Give it some thought. It might make the positive change you seek when  you approach your next fight.

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