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Women's Open 2022

Dear Students: Having previously run successful Mini-Opens at the School's base in Great Barr, I am delighted to announce the first ever all-female tournament for women and girls who train at the school to take place this March.


Why is this tournament for women only?

The school has run mixed tournaments in the past, with many of the competitors doing exceedingly well against their male counterparts. However, for some of the students who have not competed against anyone, this Open will be the ideal environment in which to flourish.

Who is eligible to compete?

Any female student who has competed against other students on more than one occasion. If a female student has not had sufficient sparring against other fighters (apart from the instructor), it is unlikely she will be able to compete effectively. There is still time to remedy this, but students will need to spar with other students (male and / or female) and entries need to be in by the end of January 2022.

Are Senior students going to compete with Juniors?

In one of the events, yes, but Seniors  and Juniors will also have their own specific events also. This will keep it competitive, however Junior students are encouraged to enter the Senior events to truly test their skill level.

How many ladies are competing?

I am aiming for a minimum of eight (but hopeful for ten of you).

Can I spar with male students when lessons overlap?

Of course, and this is encouraged on a regular basis.

Students confirmed are listed below (* against students who are unconfirmed or currently ineligible )

Congratulations to everyone who took part. Results below:-

Winner Stays On:

1st Christina Xu

Senior (Points):

1st Nadia 2nd Nicole 3rd Carol Hua

Senior (Continuous):

1st Nadia 2nd Nicole 3rd Bonnie


General (Points):

1st Bonnie 2nd Natalie

General (Continuous): 

1st Bonnie 2nd Natalie



Carol Hua

Christina Xu





Christina Xi




Carol Huang


Bookmark this page to keep up to date, but I will speak with students individually when they attend class.

Katerina Sestakova Novotna

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