December 2020

News Update: Resumption of Lessons after second UK lockdown


In brief:-

  • Lessons will resume from 21st December

  • Masks are not mandatory

  • Students are required to give notice if they think they or someone they have interacted with may have the symptoms of Covid-19

  • As before, first aid kits and hand cleanser is freely available as and when needed

  • Light contact in sparring will be in place

  • Due to an extremely packed schedule, the 'staggering' of lesson times will be reduced from a fifteen minute interval to just five. Please do your best to arrive on time. I may not be able to start your lesson early if you happen to arrive early. Please bear with me on this.

  • Similarly, if you are late, I may not be able to extend the lesson (but may look to add it to your next lesson). Please do your best to be punctual as it affects the next student after you.

  • The 2020 League will resume from 21st December and has a new date of completion - Sunday 28th February 2021, and will resume from Monday 29th March 

The Government's handling of Covid-19 has been and continues to be an evolving situation. What the U.K. public needed was clarity regarding their day to day lives.

When the first lockdown was instigated in March, the Government had a decent level of support from people because the threat Covid-19 potentially posed was unclear.

Nine months on, and the threat (and possible vaccine) is clear. It is common sense to maintain a reasonable distance from strangers and to wash our hands several times a day.

The wearing of masks and their efficacy is less certain. As an asthmatic in my teenage years, I know all too well about healthy breathing and in my view, the masks restrict the body's ability to handle all functions effectively. I do wear a mask in shops but only because it is mandatory, I would not wear them otherwise but I respect what others choose to do.

Students can be assured that if I have any symptoms of Covid-19, that they will be personally informed and I will cease teaching immediately.

As of 21st December 2020, one-to-one training will resume at the School of Martial Arts. As stated above, masks / face coverings are not mandatory, though occasional tests (e.g. regarding a student's temperature) will be operated.

The Government guidance on both a national and local level has been insufficient during this second lockdown. I also wrote to the Member of Parliament on two occasions this year - the first was regarding the vote on 1st December which I suggested she consider not to put thousands of her constituents into Tier 3 which would lead to a loss of jobs, income, physical and mental health, simply because those same constituents will recall at election time what they suffered as a result of the Government's (and Parliament's) actions. 

I make myself available to students for a chat, video call or in-person meeting if any of you need to discuss something - topics that will remain confidential. I view my role as an instructor not only  to teach the skills of martial arts, but to offer mental support as and when needed. I thank the students who shared things in confidence with me.he 

The Member of Parliament is your voice during debates which take place in the House of Commons. My second communication requested clarification on the legality of teaching in Tier 3 restrictions. My observation of The Gym and Pure Gym being open in December 2020 meant I reviewed the School's position. To date (11th December 2020) I have not received a reply from the Member in question. So I have made a professional decision to offer personal tuition once more.

Slots will be limited during the remainder of December, but we will be full-on from January 2021. So book your lesson of Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi or Jeet Kune Do. See you for training.....soon!

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